Friday, January 14, 2011

Never Change

Malachi 3:6a For I am the LORD, I do not change

That verse is in my kitchen window. It was one of J's memory verses at the beginning of the school year and he made a little project to help him learn his verse.
So, I put it up in the window and often reflect on it while standing at the sink.
There have been many days it has brought me comfort as I stand there and think upon that promise.
It's really been on my mind at the beginning of this new year.

The Lord tells He does not change.
Doesn't change for our will or purposes, not for our enemies will either. Not for the times or for convenience sake.
He does not change.
The world around us may be crumbling, leaving us with a feeling of standing on unsteady ground.
Your man may have walked away, you may have a wayward child, or an empty bank account, or maybe even just worn down by the complexities of life.
But, He is our Rock and He has promised that He will never change.
That means that every other promise He has given us, He will fulfill -because He doesn't change.

We can rest on the promise that same God who has loved us and provided us a way through before, will do it again.

He is the Lord and He does not change.

Thank You Lord!


Miss Hillbilly said...

That is a wonderful verse to remember. Tell J that I am writing it down and putting it beside my computer!

Angie said...

I will tell him-he'll get a great kick out of that! :)

Sarah said...

I am reminded of this a lot recently myself. Thanks for sharing, Angie.

Angie said...

You're welcome-LOVE that name! :)

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