Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now for the boys

Thought I'd ask my boys some questions to put them on the spot. . .
C is 12 and J is 7
1) Who is your favorite Bible character and why?

C-that is so tough, I want to say Jesus. .is it Ok if it's Jesus? I can think of allot of other people, but Jesus is the only one who was perfect and died for our sins.

J-Jesus, because He is a person in the Bible who gave us everything

2) What do you like to do with Mom?

C-Travel and read

J-play the Wii, my favorite game to play with mom is Super Mario Brothers

3) What's your favorite thing about school?

C- I have allot of good friends

4) What's your least favorite thing?
C-guess? Homework!
J-spelling tests

5) What's Mom's favorite color?
C-umm, Pink

6) What's Mom's favorite snack?
J-Diet food

7) What's your favorite thing Mom makes for dinner?
C-pasta, by far!

8) If Mom was a cartoon, who would she be?
C-that's hard. . .a Smurf?


9)Where is Mom's favorite place to go?
C-I don't know
J-Camping at Branson and Silver Dollar City

10) Who is Mom's best friend?
C-Allayne and Aunt Wendy
J-Allayne totally Allayne and Aunt Wendy

11) What's Mom's job?
C-taking care of us and babysitting
J-take care of the kids and babysitting Ella

12)What's Mom's favorite sport?

13) How do you know Mom loves you?
C-well, you say it and you take good care of us.
J-cuz, I'm her favorite person

If you have more than one child you know that they are all different and my boys are NO exception! Night and Day, Hot and Cold, Slow and Fast that is who they are and I love them both to the moon and back!


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