Friday, January 21, 2011

Double Praise Hands to Jesus!

We serve a mighty and faithful God!

Our precious little Clement is doing so good today!

The surgeons were just amazed by how well he did-but we say we serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we serve the God who put a star into the sky and knew who this little boy in a village in Africa is. And not only does he know him, he loves him and holds him in the palm of His hand!

I won't go into all the medical jargon, but just know it was an intense surgery and he came through with flying colors.

His surgical nurse is also a believer, so they got to spend some sweet time in prayer before his surgery. What a blessing to have a believer in the room with him!

And, as much as I am rejoicing in this little boy/miracle, in the past 24 hours I have been told about 2 Mommies with little ones at home, who are facing some very difficult health battles. The kind that in my eyes I don't see any way.
But, thankfully they aren't in my hands-they are in the hands of Jehovah Jirah-the Lord will provide, Jehovah rapha-the Lord our healer and Jehovah shalom-the Lord our Peace.

So, I am lifting up praise hands to Jesus today for seeing precious Clement through the valley, not just yesterday but his entire two years.
But I am also praying that if you or someone you love needs healing that you will turn to the One and Only True God for answers.

To all of those who were and are praying, thank you thank you thank you!

Love, hugs and prayers around the world! XOXO


Miss Hillbilly said...

So many praises and prayers...all over! What a blessing the internet is so that we can join in prayer for these brothers and sisters and children!

Angie said...

As much as technology can drive me crazy sometimes in these cases it truly is a blessing!
Thanks for praying!!

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