Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will You or Won't You

No insights, no bits a homespun wisdom from me today.

I'm doing good to be putting sentences together.
Why you ask?
(maybe you didn't ask, maybe you thought "Um, you always have trouble putting sentences together.")

Because I took Max the Wonder Dog to the vet this morning.
That is always an interesting experience.
Max or Trouble. . .

So here's a list.

1) My neighborhood is having it's annual garage sale tomorrow.
We are (and by we, I mean me) are participating. Getting ready for a garage sale is a major amount of work. Here's hoping it pays off. But, either way, I bet I've got stories after it's over.

2) My boys have had SAT testing all week at school. 
That can wear a little mind down. We'll be ready for Friday.

3) So here's the big question. . .ready… Will you or Won't you be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow?  In totally honesty, I've got to say the coverage-Driving me CRAZY, but I'm a sucker for a wedding dress, so I'll tune into check Kate's dress out.
What about you? Are you setting your DVR so you don't miss a second?
Could you care less and will avoid all media outlets until the madness is done?
Or are you like me and get resist a wedding day fashion?

4) Laura Story's song Blessings. Moves.Me. Check it out if you haven't!

Thanks for reading. . .I'm off the abyss that is my garage. . .if you don't hear from me by Monday, send help!


Tonya said...

I had nothing to do with the wedding and could care less.
It didn't lesson the crowds any at SDC either. Probably because it was in the middle of the night but I was hoping!

Angie said...

We are heading there this weekend!

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