Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ordinary Days

We live in the middle of the country in a quiet suburban neighborhood.
The Hubs is a Letter Carrier and I'm a stay at home mom.
We have 3 kids and one beagle.

I think that's what most would say if they looked at our lives.
From the outside it seems so typical. So ordinary.
Work, School, Vacations here and there.
The same story could be said over and over again.

Sometimes, the ordinary can seem overwhelming. Especially in bloggy world.
I don't live on a ranch and take amazing photographs.
I don't have amazing tips to give on how to be organized or how to clean.
I don't homeschool or have oodles of children.
I don't clip coupons so I can save hundreds of dollars on my grocery bill.

The only thing that makes my life anything other than ordinary is Jesus.

He has taken all the things the world would look at and call ordinary and turned them into extraordinary.
Not for me, but for His glory.

And that's what He can do for your ordinary days too. Sometimes ordinary can wear you down.

I am not the only one who can see Him at work, you can too -even if the aisle of the grocery store!

God is at work all around us.
Even in the ordinariness of our days.
Laundry, homework, bills, jobs, changing a diaper, mowing the lawn. He's always there at work.
The key is-to look for Him.
Seek Him and you'll find Him.
Ask Him to give your ordinary day extraordinary sight.

Life is lived in the ordinary moments of our days. 
We can't always be waiting for the exciting thing to happen.
Extraordinary things are happening all around us, if we'll only look for them.

A flower blooming. A child laughing. Music being performed. Bubbles at bath time and bed time stories.
Families staying together. Forgiveness being granted. Love winning out. Grace flowing down like rain.

Extraordinary moments lived in ordinary days.
I pray that's what you'll find today!


Tiffany said...

Great post! This is my life, don't think I felt it was enough when I was a young mom of 2, but now that I am an old(er) mom of 4 I truly cherish each ordinary day. Experiencing and imparting Jesus is all the purpose and direction I need.

Angie said...

Thanks Tiffany!
It's amazing how the older/more children you have the more your perspective on things change.

Tonya said...

Wonderful post. If you don't write new ones for this month I don't know how I am going to be able to choose from all of them!

Angie said...

I know I'll have a new one for the 15th -it's rolling around in head even now :)

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