Saturday, April 16, 2011


Eight years.
Eight years of watching my little baby who struggled to make it into this world and almost did us both in, become a thriving, brave, fun loving, young man.

Eight years of laughter, trying to keep up, Hot Wheels, trucks, balls, Crayons, Music,
dirt, worms, hugs, snuggles, tree climbing and silly jokes.

Sometimes I look into your big brown eyes and wonder who you'll be when you're an adult.

Sometimes I look into your big brown eyes and wonder, WHAT were you thinking??

Sometimes I look into your big brown eyes and think God has some Big Big plans for you!

I love to hear you pray. You have a way of talking to God that even most adults don't.
You have a faith and conviction that spurs me on in my own.

Your laugh is loud and contagious.
You are always on the move. Climbing a tree, racing down the street on your bike, playing soccer with your friends. Being still is not something you like to do, yet when you sit in big church I am amazed at how you are still and how you listen.

You're reading all on your own now, but still like a story from Mom at bedtime. And that makes me happy.
You love to fish with your Dad and listen to music with him. The electric guitar fascinates you and you are a rocker down to your core.

Your compassion for others is a privilege

to watch and convicting at the same time.
Your sense of fairness and justice is something most others could learn from and live by.

Your little sister adores you! And although she can drive you a bit batty at times, you often can be found reading to her, playing music with her and you don't leave the house for school without giving her a hug and kiss.

The Lord blessed Daddy and I with the gift of you. Being your mom has made me grow and stretch and learn to be brave.

Happy Birthday Little Man, it's my honor to be called your Mom and I can't wait to watch you change the world!


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Have a super Birthday!!!

Angie said...

He say's " I WILLLLLLL"

(Jude rarely says anything quietly ;) )

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