Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With My Whole Heart

I look at you and see a dream come true.
The answer to a thousand prayers.

Wait and Wait and pray and pray
Cry and pray some more. That's what Daddy and I did over and over again.

How long would we wait to fill our house with the laughter and smiles only a little one could bring?
Would our dreams ever come true? Only God knew and He was saying
"Just wait on me and you'll see, I'll give you more than you could ask or think!"

The years slipped by
And one became two
Two became three
Three became four
Four became Five
Five became Six
Until the time came and Jesus said, "Yes", and gave you to us

Six long years and nine months of waiting for you to make your grand entrance.
Pink and squishy and deceptively

looking perfect
A little boy, who from the start, stole our hearts and we knew we'd never be the same.

You changed our home
Filled what we hadn't realized was so empty
You helped grow my faith
Took me from Once a Week Follower
To down on my knees, I can't make it without you Jesus, Follower.

Today marks the day, when six years ago we handed you over to a heart surgeon.
Not knowing what he'd find
But knowing Who's Hands your heart was really in.

I've never been so scared or quite as aware that really I'm in charge of nothing
Yet such peace overflowed that waiting room there, that I swore I'd never stop telling
Of the day, you went in so very sick and come out the other side whole.

Jesus healed you not a surgeon-who even he admitted didn't know how-
you went from being one boy to the next one without much assistance from him.

This shouldn't be he told dad and I in the waiting room that day.
It should be worse-see here on this x ray? That is what we were supposed to be fixing.
But, now those wounds are all gone, only a small one remains, and I can't tell you how.
"WE CAN!" we exclaimed, through laughter and tears.

A walking, running, miracle. Growing up before our eyes
What did I do to deserve this front row seat to God's grace and healing powers?
Nothing, not a thing. No one is less deserving than I.
But, I promise to never stop telling the story of a boy made whole
And how God used him to grow this Momma's faith.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I never knew, God is great! "C" is an amazing boy and you all are great parents!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a testimony!

Anonymous said...

Tears flood my eyes...what a beautiful testimony of your faith and trust in God. Our children are only placed with us to nurture...and we are often reminded that they are first and foremost...God's children...ours as a blessing...to love and guide to their Heavenly Father who loves them more than we can ever offer. Our children "teach" us so many lessons that no one else can. May God continue to shower His blessings upon you and your family...as you testify and minister ...serve HIM. Peggy Burns

Angie said...

Thanks for the encouragement Friends!
C is aware of what big day this is for him and WHO deserves all the praise and glory!

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