Monday, May 2, 2011

Randomness and Other Stuff

I've got sick kiddos and I stayed up way to late watching New Yorkers flood Time Square and Ground Zero at the news of UBL's death.
Those are my excuse for my randomness today.
But, here are some highlights, some thoughts and such . . .

1) My oldest boys soccer team played two games this weekend. One was upper 70's and sunny the other was upper 40's and overcast. Seriously, wish Kansas could pick a season already.

2) His team WON yesterday against a team we refer to as 'The Giant Team'. The are a grade older than our boys, but seriously that has got to be some hormone injected milk and beef they must be feeding those kids.
It felt good to win! (and win big I might add -we dominated !)

3) I'm an obnoxious soccer mom.

4) The wedding. Yes, I watched. And OH MY STARS, the dress. Gorgeous. Elegant, classy, tasteful.
Loved it.

5) My 2nd born is sporting a 102 fever today and is currently under a sheet and blanket with his back away from Tom and Jerry. Nothing good is coming from this.  It's freaky when he's not spunky and not asking for food every 10 minutes.

5) I've got some friends going through some seriously dark life valleys.
Man life is hard and can wear a person down. Praying this morning, we need you Jesus, please don't wait to much longer to bring us all home.

6) So Bin Landen's dead.  I'm still processing how I'm supposed to feel about that.
As an American, I am so proud of the men and women who fight for us everyday and risk everything just so we can be free. As a Christian, do I rejoice in some one else's death?
Justice has been served, that's all I know. I do not rejoice in that, I just say thank you Lord for your ways are higher than mine.

7) I helped C finish a science poster  he turned in today about an element on the periodic table.
And, as he was leaving for school, I realized if he didn't get an A I was going to be annoyed -not for him but for me.

8) My kids only have 2 weeks of school left. Um, helloooo, where did this school year go??

9) Sweet Home Alabama, we're praying for you!

10) I don't really have a 10, but it seemed the list needed a 10. . So have a great day and thank you for reading!
I want you to know, I pray for each reader and I am so grateful for each one of you.
I pray for peace in the storms of life, sunshine to break through the clouds and love of Jesus to surround you.

I'm off to pass out more ibuprofen.


Tonya said...

A reply to each because I've got alot more that I could be doing but I'd rather do this....
1)Warm. Pick warm.
2)Go team David...Goliath can be beat!
3)Oh, please work on this
4)I'd better go look up that dress so that you don't disown me as a friend
5)Get better soon!
5b) Did you know you posted 5 twice? LOL. Please Jesus...bring us HOME!
6)well put
7)ugh...periodic tables...reminds me of Mr Krueger. I liked him but not his science classes!
8)summer break...Yay!
9)come soon Jesus
10) You would have had a ten if you didn't repeat 5

Angie said...

Ok, that's funny! Yep, I guess I would have. . .You know I could say it was because I was in a hurry, but really it's because I'm ditzy :)

OH, and mind was Mr. Wolley because I had him for some science class were we learned the periodic table and I can still remember how he told us to remember gold was Au.
"A U Don't be stealing my gold!"
Yes, I'm that weird that I remember.

And do look up the dress -it's stunning!

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