Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's the End of the World.

With all the end of the world hoopla, here's my two cents.
The Bible clearly states that only God knows the hour and day. So, evertime someone declares THEY KNOW WHEN, you can rest assured that will NOT be the day Jesus comes to take us home.

One day, when He deems it time, He will look over at Jesus and tell him it's time.
Time to call the believers home.

So what do we do when those rise up and say they KNOW when and where.
We remember all teaching that goes directly against Scripture is WRONG.

And we were remember, Jesus did promise to return and we pray to that end.

Then we make every moment count.
Live each as if Christ's return was today.
Because, you never know, it just might be.


Tonya said...

And wouldn't that be great?!

Angie said...

Absolutely !

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