Monday, May 9, 2011

Maybe Next Year

I remember feeling like that the day after Mother's Day, many times.
Maybe next year.

It was always such a hard day for me to get through, often because we would have Baby Dedication at church. In fact, I remember one year needing to get up and leave the sanctuary and barely making it before I began sobbing.

Hard days. Long years.

I don't reflect on that time of my life every Mother's Day, but for some reason it kept coming to mind yesterday.

(Which is odd because we spent the day at Silver Dollar City in Branson Mo -not exactly a place for quiet introspection.)

Waiting is hard. Waiting when you think the One who you're waiting for has stopped listening.

What I kept coming back too was this thought, God wasn't in a hurry just because I was.  He could see the timeline of my life and knew exactly when He would say Yes.
Now looking back, I see the it was the perfect time to  grant a Yes to our prayers of becoming parents.
But the waiting can only be described as painful.

One thing I've learned over all those years and since though is that "God never wastes a Hurt".
And even now as I am waiting again, this time for different things (No more babies please-because God doesn't just answer-He answers more than you could ever imagine!) I can know that I haven't been forgotten-and neither have you!
God's Divine timeline is happening and He is in control.
Maybe next year, maybe waiting longer.

Perhaps you're waiting for something too. Maybe it's a baby and you're still feeling the sting of yesterday's celebrations, or it's a marriage to be restored, a friend to come along, forgiveness to be granted,  a job to come your way, or a sickness to be  healed.

Whatever it is, He is listening and He does hear, even when it feels like we've been waiting for such a long time. God will not hurry just because we want Him too, but He will show up and show off- BIG- at exactly the perfect time!
Just hold on.


Tonya said...

Hmmm, I didn't even think of Allison yesterday. I bet Mother's day is hard for her.

Hope your time in Branson was good!

Angie said...

Lots of friends struggling with infertility. . .Mother's Day is very difficult, especially if you spend it in church.
Praying for the hurting. . .

And yes, we had big FUN. . .still trying to recover ;)

Marlene said...

You were given 3 very bright and very energetic kids. Maybe God needed you to get more life experience under your belt so you could out smart them!

Angie said...

Oh yeah, I woud NEVER have survived if I would have had them at 20!!

God's timing is always perfect!

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