Monday, May 23, 2011

Life Lessons and other weekend wonders

My big boy played in a soccer tourney this weekend.
A soccer tournament that we were the champions of last year.
On our home fields.
This year. . .well this year the tournament was filled with 'life lessons'. For those of you unfamiliar with sports speak, that means we lost. Lost every game in fact.
It was heart breaking. For them, for us.
And it was H.O.T. which doesn't help when your tired and losing. It might not have been so bad when if we were winning.
By Sunday afternoon the parents on the sidelines were all comparing what we'd told our boys the night before, when their hearts were broken and they didn't want to take the field again the next day.
There were some serious life lessons being tossed about.

In the end I was so proud of our boy, who'd been so devastated the night before, but came back and played hard and did his best.  He also was building up his teammates.
Life lessons are hard to learn and rarely do you get to learn them when everything is going your way.
In the end they played hard and we were proud of them (and our great coach!).

After the last game, we headed to the GParents house where we sat in the shade on the glider, ate pizza and had a water balloon fight.
Nothing like the G-rents to put life back into perspective and add some fun after a tough two days.

Soothing the agony of defeat by squirting his brother and sister -it's the little things in life

You're welcome for the cuteness.

Little Brothers are the best playmates.

A weekend full of friends and hard lessons learned.
You can't quite just because it's hard.
You can't quite just because you're not winning.
God gave you your own set of abilities and not everyone has the same you can't always wish you had someone else's, you've got to use yours.
Leave everything you've got to give on the field. When time's up, it's up.
Play hard until the end. You can rest when it's over.
Build each other up, don't tear each other down. You'll only hurt yourself when  you do.

Oh, and Grandma's can make everything better.


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You can rest when it's that is a life lesson well said. Gosh Angie...quit steppin on my toes!

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