Saturday, August 1, 2009

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

What a beautiful day here in sunny Kansas!
Baby Girl and I spent the morning running errands, while the two boys spent the day with the grandparents.
Then tonight the Hubs and I went to hear some music at our local Christian coffee house. Some friends from church play in a band and they were having a tribute tonight for one of their band members who had recently passed away.
The place was packed! Wall to wall people everywhere-having a great time, listening to some great musicians.
Several bands played and at the end they had a jam session where they sung the old gospel song
Will the Circle Be Unbroken. I feel the need to say here (and I don't know why) that this isn't my favorite kind of music but I certainly could appreciate the talent in the room. But, what struck me as I looked around coffeehouse at the eclectic group of people singing and clapping along was something greater than good music or even good friends. It was our faith that this isn't the end. That one day we will cross over and see Jesus. That no matter the pain and sorrow we face here on earth there is something better coming. When our REAL life will begin.
It overwhelmed me for a moment. To be reminded once again, that this world isn't my home and whether it's tomorrow or 40 years now, someday I'll see Jesus and all those I've loved who left so soon. Oh, how I can't wait to dance with them at the feet of Jesus!
A beautiful ending to a beautiful day!


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