Thursday, August 6, 2009
I was reading today and came across this question and thought it might be fun for us!

When you were 16 what did you want to be? And what are you doing now?
When/if did your passion change?

I'll get us started. . .

I had two dreams at 16: One- to be a lawyer and Two-to be the next Amy Grant.

My dreams of being a lawyer changed when I realized how much schooling was involved-I was way more interested in 'having fun' then going to school and working hard for that long!! And my dreams of going to Nashville changed when I met Jerry-and also realized I was a bit delusional that I could be the next Amy. .and I didn't so much want to be the next Amy as to BE Amy, so you know someone already had that job, and she was quite good at it!
Being a stay at home mom-way harder job than both of those btw!

Ok, now it's your turn. . .can't wait to read your answers !

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The Hillbilly Wife said...

Remember in high school when everyone predicted what you would be? My classmates said I'd be the proud owner of my own store. I, on the other hand, wanted more than anything to be a missionary.

I never got to go to SBU like I wanted though, and just ended up sticking with retail. I did eventually own my own store, and now I do have my online store, so I guess my classmates pegged me pretty well.

I have enjoyed being a stay at home mom, too. And I love homeschooling!! I look so forward to classtime, and new school years, and new books! I have also had the opportunity to work as youth leader off and on over the years, and that is my favorite 'job' so to speak; although without monetary gain, I sure gained so much in so many other ways working with kids!

I always wanted to meet Amy grant, and I even named my first child after her. Guess we all had a bit of "amy idol", huh? But, I never aspired to be her...I can't sing a note!


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