Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes I can't hear the siriens

We began a little family thing a long time ago, that when we heard a police siren or firetruck we would stop and pray. Pray for safety of the officers, safety for who they were going to help and a safe trip to get where they needed to go. It takes all of about 30 seconds.

But, I must confess sometimes I don't hear the sirens. Oh, I can literally hear them, it's just my brain is so wrapped up in what I have going on, what needs to be done next that- I don't HEAR them.
Today was one of those days. We were on a little picnic after school today when baby girl came RUNNING full speed over to me saying Stop and pray Mama, Stop and pray!! Her little hands were already folded before she had even stopped running. I had must confess, I had heard them as background noise and had felt no sense of urgency to pray until that face came running at me.

Thirty seconds and I couldn't be bothered. Well, it's not even bothered so much as just didn't even think of it. Wrapped up in my own selfish thoughts and lists of things to do-I couldn't hear the sirens. My three year old baby girl, however jumped off her little riding toy and ran to me thinking of others before her own desires or wants.

I want to be like that, because there are sirens that go off around me all the time. A friend who needs encouraged, a marriage in trouble, kids just looking for someone to talk to-to notice they are there. But, like today, sometimes I get so caught up in my needs, wants I can't hear the sirens.
Some days when I hear them it calls for prayer but sometimes when I hear them they call for prayer and ACTION! How dangerous for us all if we don't hear them( or worse yet, pretend like we don't hear them).


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