Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting to the Good Stuff

This week I had the joy of hanging out by the pool with some dear friends I don't get to see nearly enough, Oh how I love these girls! They've been a part of my life for many years and we have some wonderful memories together!
Our kiddos were playing together, which always makes me so happy to see these guys growing up together just like we did, creating their own memories.
One thing that struck me once again, is how big the Kingdom of God is- and, how thankful I am that He's included so many of us of various stripes.
We can sing different music in church, choose different activities to attended or not. . all sorts of things Christians like to fight about and get caught up in- of which I'm sure Satan enjoys all too much! And in the end, we are all still part of the family of God.
Sitting there on the porch, laughing and catching up with old friends I was reminded once again how much we all need each other. How, if the body of Christ is working together, we can get past the trivial and get to the good stuff of life.

There isn't much better than hanging with people who've known you most of your life and getting to the good stuff!


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