Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moms of Preschoolers and Other Wonders of the World

I've had the privilege of getting to speak at lots of MOPS groups

(MOPS= Mother's of Preschoolers)

and gotten to know a few of the groups pretty well, and we've stayed connected through social media.

I also have lots of friends that are still in the beginning/middle of the baby/preschool years.

So, I see lots of posts and hear lots of stories about tantrums, sleepless nights, and general chaos that comes during those years.

Sometimes when I read them, I want to chuckle, or I want to reach through the screen and hug them.

If you and I were sitting down right now over chocolate and Diet Coke what I would say to you Dear Sleep Deprived Mommy is,

You're doing a great job!

Even when your precious three year just threw themselves down in the middle of the aisle at Target because you had the audacity to say "No". . .

Even when your kitchen floor is covered in cereal. . .

Even when the laundry is piled high with no hopes of being folded today. . .or maybe even tomorrow. .

Even when you haven't shaved your legs for three days. . .

Even when you find poop behind the couch left by your darling little one your trying desperately to convince that the potty will not eat them when they sit on down.

You may feel like you're doing it all wrong.  You may feel that these days will never end.

That surely your kids were supposed to have someone different, better for a mom.

Nope. It's you Momma.  You're the one they need. You're the gift they've been given.
They are your treasures.

Every last fit throwing one of them.

Here's what I know:

These long days WILL end-

Your kids will all use the toilet properly.
You will be able to walk into the store without anyone throwing a fit.
You will regularly be able to shower.
(However, I make no promises about the laundry, because they just get bigger and so do their clothes.)

I know the days drag on and it can sometimes feel like you might be missing out on the 'important' work.

Don't believe that lie.

But, they will grow up. Faster than you can imagine.

And you'll wonder how did it happen, where did the time go.

And just when you don't think you can watch more episode of Veggie Tales and you're pretty sure you might kick Dora the Explore if you saw her in real life, sing one more verse of If You're Happy and You Know It, read Good Night Moon one more time, you'll look around and no one will be asking you to.

You, Dear Momma are in the hardest, longest  days of your life.
You really do deserve a medal-or at least a bubble bath, but instead you'll sweep up the cheerios, convince the three year she will live and that a band aid can fix just about everything, and change diapers that would make a weaker person weep.

You really do make the world a better place, even in your pj pants and uncombed hair.

Just hold on, they'll take a nap and wake up ready to go to  high school. . .

So go eat a piece of your hidden stash of chocolate-You've earned it!



Anonymous said...

Love this Angie! I needed this desperately today!

Angie said...

Thanks for the encouragement!


Sarah said...

I love this post! Sometimes it can be hard to believe the lies you addressed above. This was a great reminder of how SHORT the time is. I know that my little one won't be in diapers forever, and I WILL miss it someday. Thanks for the encouragement!

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