Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Back to School Eve

Twas the night before school began and all through the house,

Everyone was scurrying about.

First Grader so thrilled to return, "I can't wait to do homework", she said with a happy grin

Making one of her brothers groan and shudder in fear.

The Fourth Grader can't decide how he feels, one minute he's jolly with thoughts of recess and P.E.

Dancing through his brain

The next he's glum at the thought of sitting still most of the day.

And then there's the big boy, a Freshman is he

Off to high school for the first time and nervous as can be.

What do I wear? Where do I go? Did you see that cute new girl, Mom?

He just doesn't know what to do

Excited and nervous -a ball of hormones.  Makes you want to hug him and lock him up tight  in the

span of five minutes-OH! What a delight!

The alarm clock is set, backpacks by the door, clothes laid out and camera ready to go-

Because everyone knows the first day of school doesn't happen unless posted to Facebook and Twitter.

And now we join with  parent's everywhere, as they  high five themselves that they made it through

another summer without doing to much harm and

take a deep breath as the craziness of the school schedule is about to kick in

Go kiss your babies while they sleep

Because tomorrow. . .

Homework, it's back to reality.

Happy School Year to All!


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