Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Audaciously Ordinary

I wrote yesterday about joining Jon Acuff's START Experiment  and our challenge to think audaciously about our goals and pursing them vigorously over the next 24 days and really taking a risk.

And, I'm all in.  I have big dreams that I feel have put on my heart by the Lord and I want to follow him wholly with abandon.  I have certainly let fear hold me back on pursuing some of the bigger portions and am trying to embrace the risk of really stepping out in faith over the next weeks.

Taking risks, putting myself out there.

But, I was thinking today about how sometimes the risk lies within the ordinary.

My life looks very ordinary from the outside.
Stay at home mom to 3 kids.
Married for 21 years.
Schedules, menus, laundry, taxi service, grocery store, referee .  All so  seemingly very ordinary in family life.

And yet. . .

There is a Momma tonight sitting outside the door of her two years olds room trying desperately to keep them in bed while not losing her temper. She hasn't been able to shower yet today and her risk is to not lose it or to drown her anger in a bottle of wine.

Risky. Very Risky.

There's a teenager about to push his parents over the edge and instead of responding in anger, they love him where he is.


There's a family that's decided to choose a different education path for their kids, perhaps Christian school, perhaps homeschooling- people shake their heads and call them crazy or worse …

I call them trailblazers who refuse to settle for the ordinary path for their family.

Audaciously stepping out of their comfort zone.

A husband choosing to work hard and love his family. Ordinary? Perhaps.

Life changing for the people who love him? Absolutely.

Sometimes I think it can become easy in the pursuit of our BIG dreams to want to shun the ordinary or at least push it aside, but there is something audaciously bold and risky about loving your family well, following Jesus whole heartedly- that may look incredibly ordinary, but can be one of the biggest risks you'll ever take.

Yes, I do believe one of my risks over these next few weeks is to see 'ordinary' family life for what it really is. . .the biggest risk a  person could ever take.

Love your people audaciously,


Anonymous said...

Angie, you have such powerful words.
Thank you for this post-I needed it today!

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

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