Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For My Daughter and Yours

My Dear Isabelle,

You're 7 now and you began first grade last week, and Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you!

We think you're smart, funny, kind, tenderhearted, loving and beautiful.

But, now that you're in school full time we won't have has much time together for us to tell you and show these things.

And because I've been on this big planet lots longer than you I know hard days will come.

Somebody in your life is going to be mean, a test will be hard, you'll doubt your beauty.

You'll be exposed to things that will make you cringe and then will make you wonder if that's the way you should be behaving as well.

As you get older getting attention, whether good or bad, will feel like it's maybe the right thing to do. That somehow this is how you make your mark.

You'll see people you've admired on television  seemingly lose their minds and embarrass themselves by doing all sorts of vulgar things on stage(I'm looking at you Miley) .  You'll see adults who should've known better than to let them go right ahead (I'm looking at you Robin Thicke and producers of the VMA's).
And you'll wonder if that's really how a girl has to make it in this world.

I pray you realize that, even when it feels like you're so small and insignificant, that you really do matter and you've got nothing to prove to anyone.

Daddy and I will always be here and love you. no.matter.what.  But there will come a time (hopefully not longer than a day or two) that you won't believe that.

I pray on those days that you doubt, you can still remember who you belong to and who gave you your worth.
It wasn't daddy and me.  No, it was the God of the Universe who says, "I made you, I know you, I understand you, and you are absolutely perfect just the way I made you".

I also pray that when we say, "No you can't wear that. Or no, we're not going to listen to/watch that."Or any number of things you might think we're being unfair about, that you won't be to mad for to long.
But, here's the thing, even if you are- It's OK. Daddy and I can except that anger.

Our job isn't to make you happy.  Our job is to keep you whole. To guide you to Jesus. To teach you, that no matter what the world says, His way really is the best way.  And in the end, even when it doesn't always feel like it in the beginning, it's always good and right.

So, someday you may slam your door or pout about some shorts that are to short, some show that's to trashy. . .but you'll survive and so will we.

We love you Dear Little One, and if I could, I'd keep you innocent and carefree forever.
But, I can't.
So, even if you getting tired of hearing it, I'll never stop saying it. . .you're so smart, you are absolutely beautiful just the way God made you, you're the kindest most loving person I know, use every gift and talent God gave you all for Him. He's the only audience that will ever matter.


And, Hey Miley all that stuff I just said-that goes for you too. You've got nothing to prove.
Be who your Creator intended, use your talent and platform for him. We've all done things we're embarrassed by, you can turn this around. . .I'm praying for you.  I pray you'll find a safe place, a person to tell you the truth and that you'll know how valuable you are, not just some object for the people in your life to use. That someday you'll realize you're worth more than some side show act for a middle aged man.


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