Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clever and Witty Title Here

I should be blogging something clever, witty or at least touchingly  heart felt here today.

But, can I just say, I can't?

I'm tired.

Worn flat out tired.

Our Labor Day Holiday was spent working hard around here, and Hubby struggling with some medical issues.

School is BBAACCKKK in full mode, which means I'm working my part time job, homework is getting done and I'm drilling flash cards like a Drill Sargent barks commands.

I just sighed out loud after I reread that last sentence.

Yes, tired is the word.

Today I finish my 24 day experiment.  It's had it's ups and downs, taught me somethings and I'm better for having participated.

But, it's also helped add to the stress and overall tired feeling.

I was struggling yesterday with my attitude when I got up (I'm not a morning person and 5 AM is about to kill me) but as I was saying good bye to the kiddos and my middle was just ITCHING to get out the door to get to school (a RARE occasion I haven't ever experienced from  him) I realized I was watching an answer to prayer.

It began last school year about half way through.  He was having a rough year.  As I was praying for him the prayer of my heart became not 'help him be a good boy', but 'Lord, please bring him that one true friend'.  Although J is extremely social and tends to make friends wherever he goes and genuinely likes most of his classmates, he just didn't have that one friend at school who makes it fun to be there.

I certainly had that growing up, and his big brother has such a wonderful group of core friends-the kind you know are going to be in your life forever-and that's what I wanted for J. Not only what I wanted for him, but what this Momma thought he NEEDED.

We found out toward the end of summer that indeed his best friend was going to be coming to our school this year. A true miracle. Such a long story. . .but oh such a good one!

And while we'v praised and given thanks for that, it just hit me again as I was watching him be so excited to get out the door that I was watching an answer to prayer right before my eyes.

And no matter how tired and worn out you may be. . .that'll put a spark right back in your step and knock you clean over with grace all at the same time.

I'm so glad to have a God who cares about children.  Who knows and honors the value of friendship and who still answers the feeble prayers of ordinary Momma's all over the world.

Yes, it doesn't change the fact that I'm worn clean out, but it does help me to remember to praise in the middle of the struggle, because I have a God who answers prayers and cares about whether 4th graders have a true friend or not.

Whatever you're going through today, know that He sees, He hears and He knows.



Laura Gutknecht said...

Blessings to those who wait and who appreciate those blessings.

I feel your tired after this round and yet I look up to see so much accomplishment and great relationships that make life better... Like best friends who get you excited for school.

Great reminder and good lunchtime read!

Angie said...

Thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

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