Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Perfect

My little Twinkle toes had ballet class this morning.
We take some fun filled, low key classes at a local church.
It's just a 45 minute class, so typically most of the parents hang in the hallway outside the classroom.
Parents and the siblings of those taking the class liter the folding chairs lined up in the hall. The perfect opportunity for people watching.
It's always interesting what people choose to do during this brief window of time.
There is one Daddy that braves the hall and he typically works on school stuff with his little boy who is with him.
There are the mommies who read, who chat, who chase babies and who do Bible study. And ones like me who pretend they are doing that but really they are watching everyone else.

Today one of the mommies who typically waits with two of her daughters had a specific assignment from her oldest (Kindergarten) daughter. Fix her American Girl dolls hair.
Oh,and not just comb it, but make it look like the little girl's hair who was making the request. Complete with braid, in just the right spot.
I thought it was so adorable that the mommy came prepared-complete with spray bottle to wet the dolls hair. It took her a few minutes, but when she was done she asked her daughter, 'How does she look?'.
At this point, I was thinking what a brave soul to ask, because let's face it, when you ask the question you better be prepared to hear an answer you don't want.
But, her little girl gushed and said, "It's just PERFECT Mommy!".
I tried to hide a smile as the mommy seemed to breath a sigh of relief and sank back in her chair a little more comfortable.
Let's be real, it is not often as mother's we hear those words. It's perfect.
Perhaps I am projecting here. Maybe your kids tell you all the time what a great job you're doing, thanks for making me eat the veggie's , chores? Of course I'll do them happily. Homework, I'm on it and do you have more?
Or maybe you're like the rest of us and when those moments of 'perfection' come you need to take a moment and breath it in until the next one comes along.
I love the verses found in Proverbs 31 that say : Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her:

Here's the thing I think we need to remembers as Moms when we are in the daily push and pull of motherhood. It says they rise up and call her blessed. Not that they ARE calling her blessed.
Sometimes the blessing WILL come.
But, the Lord knows we need sustaining during those hard days and sometimes, just sometimes you get to do something 'Just Perfect'.

When those times come, hold them in your heart and know that what you're doing matters.
Even when know one else can see it, even when you yourself doubt your value and worth.
Someday. Someday you will be called Blessed.


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