Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year that Was

2010-how did you get here? Wasn't I supposed to have my flying car by now and spandex suit?
But, here we are rocking the 2000's.

Some things that stick out as I look over the year are,

Celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary
Speaking for the first time as the "Lessons from Aisle 12 Lady"
Sending my boy off to middle school (and surviving-both of us!)
Showing my kids the ocean for the first time-and them loving it as much as I do
Staples in the back of two kids heads
Dental work
Buying a popup camper-and being excited about using it
Camping with my little people and enjoying the quiet evenings around the campfire
Great Movies
J riding on two wheels-or should I say FLYING on two wheels?!!?

J heading off to first grade, and being gone all day for the first time in his seven years.
Seeing B in her first ballet outfit and crying through her first recital.

Making new friends
Watching old friends leave for places far far away to serve Jesus

God's constant provision
God's constant presence
God's constant protection
God's constant peace

And God's amazing grace! I said earlier this month that the older I get the more I say God's grace written on every page of my life-and that is so very true.

What about you? What sticks out to you as you look over 2010?


Anonymous said...

Norma says: I'm thankful Joe takes good care of me. Three surgeries this year.

Hip Hip Hooray For Jose. He had surgery also - on his knee.

I'm also thankful for ALL my brothers, sister in laws, nieces, nephews, friends and two cats Bob 12.5 years and BabyLou 14.6 years old.

I'm thankful for our Savior.

Angie said...

It was your year for surgeries!
So thankful, God took care of you each step of the way!

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