Thursday, December 2, 2010

Desperate to be Real

I've never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives.
Wish I could say it's because my viewing habits would never permit such a thing.
But, really it's because the name really hacked me off when it first came out.
Many a stay at home mom has felt the need to 'defend' herself and her calling to be at home with her kids.
I didn't/don't need the TV telling me I'm desperate too.

However, if you are an avid people watcher, like myself, there is something compelling about reality tv. And besides all the cooking/fashion competitions, I have found myself drawn the the 'Real' Housewives series.

But, as I was watching a recent episode, with yet another fight between the women. I was trying not to laugh as I realized that unless you could hear the words they were saying, you would have never known they were angry, because their faces never moved.
The eternal quest to stay young, has caused them the inability to express their feeling in any other way besides shouting.

Lest, you think I think I'm so above that, let me just state that I've got some major areas where I could use a little botox -but seriously have you seen the SIZE of those needles???
Chicken I am. Needles and you know, that whole putting a flesh eating bacteria in your face have steered me away from that path.

But, I got to thinking how in my circles we may not Botox, but we certainly can be just as plastic. Ok, perhaps I shouldn't speak for others and only for myself.

It seems to me though, that often where you should find the most genuine people is where you find the most plastic, fake people.
Never a fight with their spouse. Children who never roll their eyes or talk back.
Bank accounts always full. Fulfilling jobs. Extended families that there is never any conflict between. Pornography, never heard of it. Lose my temper, why I never heard of anything so outrageous.
Everyone and everything in our lives is fine, just fine, thanks -and you?

Not that we need to verbally throw up on everyone we meet and tell them every struggle we are having whether it's major or minor.
But, we've got to come to a place were we are real.
The world doesn't need any more plastic fake people.

I've heard my whole life how Christians are to be 'set apart' from the world. We are not to blend in but stand out. Be different.

Yes, we are set apart. Maybe one of the things we should be most set apart about is our genuineness.
Be the kind of people that when someone is in need or trouble we are the first people they think of talking to-not the last.

The older I get the more I find myself so desperate to be real. Maybe it's because real is so rare.


Texan In Kansas said...

Maybe... just maybe it's when we are most transparent, or to use your word, "real", that God's light can SHINE most effectively through us. This is the third thing I've read this week that causes me to pause and consider what it means to let God's light shine before men in such a way that they see HIM...
Good words,

Angie said...

oww, I like that -transparent!

We could be the Transparent of Wives of BVBC!

Miss Hillbilly said...

LOL--The Transparent Wives of BVBC could even have a reality show!!

Seriously~~I think 'pure' isn't around much anymore. We don't teach our children to be pure and to be evident of it in our outward appearance.

If we are super modest,pure, different, it seems even our church friends think we are weird. So...I guess we need to not care what they think...and be weird. In this case, weird is a complement. Meaning different!

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