Monday, December 6, 2010

Hair today Gone tomorrow

Maybe you're not as shallow as me. Frankly, I hope you're not!
But, I love a good hair cut and color and I especially love highlights.
I've always had a thick, full of body hair. Without fail, every time I've sat down in a hairdressers chair she has said.
WOW! You have thick hair!

I've always loved my hair.( I know that sounds so vain doesn't it??) It does what I want (usually) and can adapt to just about any cut. When you are the round shape and wear glasses, well, let's just having great hair is blessing you cling to some days.

Recently, I began to notice my hair was falling out. And not in strands. In Clumps.
I've known for awhile that I have a thyroid problem, but have basically ignored it even though all my nurse friends have told me that is bad bad idea. I have serious needle phobia and the other side effects of the non working thyroid I felt I could live with-that is until the hair started falling out. That got me on the phone faster than you can say " I'll take the blond highlights please!"
So, on the medicine I've gone and really I have felt so much better and have confessed to my nurse friends that yes, indeed they were very right.
But, the hair hasn't stopped falling out yet.

And let's just say I was having a fit the other day between flat ironing attempts.

It went a little something like this:

" Please, Lord not my hair! I've given you everything else haven't I?? My marriage, my kids, my ministry. What else do you want from me? My hair, are you kidding me? That's the only thing I've got going for me-really my hair too? You want my hair too??"
And once I shut my mouth long enough to hear, in the quiet of my soul, I heard:
"And why not your hair? Can't I use anything I want? You say you've given me your life, but you can't spare your hair?
How many women are sick and have lost their hair? How many vain women need to know beauty-all beauty is from within? Give me your hair and let me show you what I can do with anything!"

I know it may sound silly to some, but right there in the bathroom, I gave God my hair. The Bible says you know every hair on my head. You created me, I belong to you, all of me. Whatever it takes to bring you glory, I give to you. Whatever you need to remove from my life, I give it to you.

I wish I was deeper, but I'm not-God wanted my hair that day. I have no idea what will come and you know, still not thrilled at the pile of hair I see in the sink each day, but have come to the place of knowing God is the master of all and only has my best in mind.
And, I really hope he doesn't ask me for chocolate and Diet Coke next. :)

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Hillbilly Handiworks said...

LOL...that last sentence left me with a chuckle.

I am sorry about your troubles Angie. I have hair troubles but I have never been a girlie girl and am not good with hair. Now because of my arm; I can't reach up to do my hair anymore. I can't even pull it back into a rubber band. Well, we were getting ready for the concert the other night and Jerry said, "Aren't you going to comb your hair?" I had just combed it! He's all into straight and I have curly but not as curly and pretty as yours. Amy grabbed me and fixed me up so quick...but she doesn't live here. So; in between times; I guess Jerry won't like it. Why does our hair have to be such a trial if it's supposed to be a woman's glory??

P.s. that reminds me...don't feel bad about loving your hair. After all, it's a woman's glory. I hope that you can get the meds adjusted or something so that you can save it. But, if not...I know you'll be beautiful as you are!

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