Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quiet Please. . .Testing in Progress

Our kiddos had SAT testing all last week at school.

There are lots of emails and notes sent home to the parents in the weeks  leading up to the BIG WEEK.

In those notes and emails all sorts of good info about eating healthy during the week, getting lots of rest, ect.

There are signs posted throughout the school on the classroom doors: Quiet Please-Testing in Progress.

It's a big event. Lots of time to prepare to aid in making the week go as smoothly as possible, and while it doesn't make the testing any easier, it does  help get them accomplished with as much ease as possible.

We know so many folks going through some tough stuff right now.
Some major tests if you will.

Two families have stood out to me, not only because of the enormous size and difficulty of their 'test' but in the way they both have handled them with such faith!

One family had time to prepare for their test. . . they found out their little grandson would be born with Spina Bifida.
They had a few months to prepare their hearts and minds (as best you can) for what was to come.
The surgery and pain he would face on the day of his birth, the uncertainty of a future life filled with struggles and complications to  overcome.

As I have watched this family and their reaction to this diagnosis it has been amazing to watch their faith and belief that God does indeed work all things for His glory. That God is, in fact, good all the time.
Their testimony though out all of this has been amazing.

I had another dear friend, receive a life changing phone call the night of the Super Bowl.
Her husband had been in a skiing accident in Utah. She needed to get there and as quickly as possible.
It has been months  and months of rehabilitation and still a road ahead that is full of twists and turns but he is doing so well. A miracle.

A WALKING, talking miracle. And who do these two give all the glory too. . .

God and God alone.

Their faith and teamwork, the sheer determination to glorify God in all things has been uplifting, convicting and amazing to watch.

So, one friend got a notice that the test was coming one didn't.

Both had to be ready.

Isn't it like that everyday for us?

Small things, big things. . .we've got to prepare. . .because no matter who you are org where you live,
everyone goes through something.

So, what can we do to prepare?

1) Know who believe in. . .even when circumstance change, rely on knowing that He doesn't.

2)Memorize Scripture. . . you aren't always going to have access to your Bible or favorite Bible App when you're in the middle of your test. You got to have it in your heart.
I know it's hard. . .but it's not impossible-you CAN do it!

3) Trust and Obey. Even when you don't know why or when the test will be over.
Trust and Obey.

4) Develop a prayer life. You know can be honest with God? You can tell him you're angry, or that don't understand. You get to do that. If you don't believe me, go read the book of Psalms.

5) Serve. There is nothing that will get your mind off yourself and whatever it is you're going through faster than serving someone else. Try it.

6) Watch.  Watch for those going through testings and are doing it well. NOT PERFECTLY mind you. . .but well!
I'm so thankful for the testimony of my two friends. They will never fully  realize, I think, how many lives they've touched by living out their faith in the middle of great and overwhelming situations.

We're all going to go through something in this life, wouldn't it be better to be ready?


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Diane said...

I love you dearly and you - YOU have been thru the "fire" firsthand time and time again and your refinement is pure, rock solid as gold. He uses you in a mighty way, my friend. And I am so thankful for you - a mighty blessing in my life!

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