Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Double Digits

                                        This person is celebrating his birthday today.


And that simply cannot be because he was just looking like this

Little guy. . . fearless since the day he was born. . .

When he was just a baby, his big brother gave him
the nickname 'Poochie'
We were never really sure where it came from, but
we're pretty certain it has something to do with this. ..

That's a lot o baby at 3 months old.

You're a man of action

Full of love

and silliness 

And I'm so thankful I get to be your mom.

But, no matter how old you get in my mind
You'll look like this

Happy Birthday Buddy!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jude! Can't believe how fast he's grown.

Angie said...

He's by far my kiddo who's face has changed the most.

And, yes it's true. . .you blink and they're big!

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