Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stop Thief

Hang on to your hats, there's an outlaw in these here parts.

She's been on the loose for a few days now.

She's the cutest bandit you've laid eyes on, no doubt.

We had a little Spring Break Family Fun and Little Miss picked herself up a pink pistol and instead of being the sheriff of these parts, she's determined she's going to be an Outlaw.

So, we are constantly being robbed and being told to 'hand over our value'!

She exchanged valuables for value.

Just like we do.

So, quick to do it too. Hand over our value to another.

To believe what they say about us and not what God says.

God calls us Beloved, the world calls us unloveable.

God calls us children, the world calls us unwanted orphans.

God calls us precious, the world calls us useless.

God calls Friend, the world calls outcast.

God calls us Redeemed, the world calls us shame.

We have decide, who are we going to believe.

The one who gave us or value in the first place, or the one always trying to take it?

Here's the thing about the little bandit in my house. Her weapon really can't hurt me.

The only way she's getting my 'value' is if I hand it to her.

It's the same thing with the world.

Satan/people/the world, whatever you want to call it, can not take our value, we have to willingly hand it over.

The weapons make look real, but they aren't.

Let's stop handing  over our value to any little bandit that comes along.

Let's live like our value was given to us by the creator of the universe.
Because it was.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you did?



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