Monday, April 8, 2013

Serving God and Sweeping up Fruit Looops

This past week I had spent some intense time serving the ladies of my church at our annual retreat.

It was the culmination of almost a year worth of planning.

Pretty sure if I would have tried to drive anywhere other than to church my truck would have revolted  and stopped not knowing what to do.

Late nights and being stretched physically, mentally and spiritually as far I could go.

Not only did I get to serve these precious ladies, I was also blessed to be able to speak Friday night.

Momma's just a wee bit tired today.

BUT, do not get me wrong. I LOVED being able to fully serve out my calling in this way.

Because that is why I do it, a true calling to serve in ministry.

This morning as I was getting the three monkeys out the door for school, I stopped and looked around my kitchen. . . the word 'tornado' might not have been to strong a word to describe what I saw there.

One of my precious ones had a fight with the box of Fruit Loops, and I'm not sure who won.

Fruit Loops littered the counter and the floor.


I grabbed my trusty broom and began sweeping up the mess, a smile creeping across my face.

You see THIS, serving my precious people God has so graciously placed in my charge, is also
my calling.

As high a calling as standing on a stage sharing with a group of women what God had laid on my heart.

On this Monday morning, I'm guessing some other Momma needs to hear that too.

That changing diapers, doing laundry, cleaning potty's, preparing meals, loving beyond what you're capable of. . .
Late nights and being stretched physically, mentally and spiritually as far as you can go, taking care
of the precious ones God has placed in your care. . .

Is indeed a  high calling.

It might not receive as much notice as it should, and frankly I doubt if anyone is clapping for you after you 'encourage' them to eat their veggies or do their homework.

But, there is ONE who sees how hard you're working.

He's noticing how well you're loving when it's hard.

How tired you are.

Keep doing your kingdom work, Momma.
Your calling is indeed a high and noble one.

Blessings to you today and a nap for everyone in your house,


Anonymous said...

My baby just spit up everywhere and my toddler is whining and being naughty and I am exhausted.
Thank you for writing this, it's exactly what I needed to hear.

Angie said...

I'm praying you have a better day today!

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