Monday, June 20, 2011

Say Yes to VBS

Our little family is knee deep in VBS this week.

If you have never experienced a VBS, find a  good church sign your kids up !
They'll be tired, worn out and completely happy from the experience!

There is something about setting aside a week of your summer for learning about Jesus (completely disguised as fun BTW) that is just special and I'm so grateful my kiddos can be apart of this experience.

This year by Big Boy is to old for VBS and has graduated to helper.
Since I work in the Preschool area of our churches VBS, I got the privilege of watching him in action today.
Made this Mamma happy.

Now, let me say this day didn't start off great.
We have some tired people at our house-after several nights of storms and not much sleep, this morning there was . . .let's say tension. . .

But, attitudes were turned around and a rough morning turned into a great day.

Isn't God so good?

I heard Beth Moore say this year ago and I've never forgotten: "Remember God doesn't just have the power to change lives, He also can change moments."  I love that!

Tomorrow brings day 2 of our VBS journey in "The Big Apple". I can't wait to see the little faces I get to serve, the teachers who are giving so much of themselves (and have for weeks before hand), and the teens who could be doing countless other things but yet are giving up a week of their summer to serve Jesus.

Oh and I'll need a nap.


Tonya said...

That is a great quote by Beth Moore! I hope your week is going great!

Angie said...

Great week -exhausting but great!

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