Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Thing

We all have struggles.
Big and little.
Some come and go, some seem to stay and take up our lives.

If you had just  one struggle you could never face again, what would it be?

(you can answer anonymously if you'd like)



Anonymous said...

I would say my day to day struggle is with anger.

Anonymous said...

loving my husband is sometimes hard for me.

Anonymous said...


Tonya said...

There are many that I seem to have to face daily. But one that I could never face again? I think rejection from my family. That hurts deeply. When Jerry and I got married he was really pushing me to once again try to have a relationship with my dad. Coming from a close family, he didn't get it. He saw me as being unforgiving. Then we went to a Christian marriage counselor and she told him to drop it. That I've been rejected by them time after time after time. It's too much for me to take. Fathers Day is coming. UGH.

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