Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Half Way There

June 1st.
Six months in the year.
Summertime is here. (woohoo!!)

So, I'm wondering as we hit the half way mark of the calendar year: what was your favorite blog post that YOU wrote?
Leave me a comment with the title of your favorite (I didn't say perfect or professional - your favorite!) blog entry so I can check it out.
It's ok to have a favorite of yours -God gave you your ability to write, it's ok to like something that He gave you the gift to do.

Ok, Go! I can't wait to read what your favorites are!!

(Oh, and how in the world are we half way through the year??)



Tonya said...

Oh, this will be interesting to watch. I'd like to see what peoples 'best' posts were. I had some good ones in 2010 but I don't know about 2011. I'll have to think on that.

Sarah said...

Probably "True Love"

Anonymous said...

I'm still new...

Angie said...

Welcome!! I'm trying to load your blog but I'm having trouble. I will read it when I can get it to work.
Thanks for stopping by!

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