Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Mother's Day Hurts

My sweet kiddos are keeping secrets (some better than others :) ) as they prepare their surprises for Sunday.

This is my 13th Mothers Day that I've had the privilege of being called "Mommy".

But, I will never forget the ache in my heart for the 61/2 years before, when being a "Mommy" didn't seem as if it would ever happen.

Infertility is mean, hard, cruel road to walk.

One of the reasons it's so difficult is that you look 'normal' from the outside.

Another is all the people around you having babies. And you're happy for them, you really are, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. And you wonder WHEN, WHEN will it be my turn.

And then comes that Sunday in May that you cannot avoid.

Mother's Day.

And in many churches, Mother's Day =  Baby Dedication day.

I'll never forget the two Mother's Days before I became a mom, sitting in church wanting to RUN-R U N as fast as I could out the doors.
As if somehow, getting away would ease the pain.
The first year it happened, I promised myself the next year I wouldn't fall apart.
That didn't happen.

There were tears. Lots and LOTS of tears.

Why do I share all that, when obviously now I get the joy of not ONE but THREE people to call me "Mommy"?

Because, this Sunday when you're sitting in church, and some women looks miserable, reach out to her.
Love on her.
If you notice a faithful woman isn't there this week, don't judge her-stop and pray for her.

While Mother's Day is wonderful for so many reasons, let's not forget for many it's just another reminder of pain and loss and longing for something they deeply desire, but seems so out of reach.

If you're reading this, and I'm talking about you, please know that I'm praying for you-even now.
Praying that your dreams of motherhood come true, praying that your pain will be eased as you find the strength to give it to Jesus.



Marcia Bloom said...

Amen Angie! Then there are those like myself who buried a baby. That is another ache. I have 2 daughters and another friend who are in the pain of infertility. It is a mourning, as my oldest told me, of dreams that will never come true. We need to be compassionate and pray that the Lord will fill those hearts with His goodness and peace.

Angie said...

Thanks Marcia! Yes, the pain of burring a baby is something I can't imagine.
Peace is what's needed for women struggling with infertility.
Peace to let go.
Peace to thank you Lord for taking me through this.

And, I will say that while I was going through that deep dark valley it was the hardest journey I've ever been on, BUT the Lord has redeemed our story over and over again. And it's been something I've been able share as a testimony to Him many times.

Anonymouse said...

Thanks for this. It's great. So, so true.

Angie said...

You're welcome.
If you're going through this right now, please know that it does get better and that I'm praying for you.

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