Friday, May 18, 2012

And You'll Love It

My Sweet Girl, was coloring the other day and when I asked her what she was drawing, she replied,

"I don't know, but it's for you, and you'll love it".

I had to surpress a grin at  her confidence.

But, as those words roamed around my head, I began thinking that really what she was stating was not a confidence in herself, but a confidence in me.

As her Momma, who's bragged on every scribble on every piece of scrap paper since she could hold a crayon, she knew no matter what she was making I would love it.

And, of course she was right.

I have had some God sized dreams laid on my heart in the past few months, but have be so timid in either share them or start to act them.


Fear of failure.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of just not being smart enough, capable enough, talented enough to do them.


Because my focus has been on the dream, not on the giver of them.

So, at the same time my focus has begun to shift back onto The Giver, Belle stated that amazing quote.
"And You'll Love It"

That's how safe I should feel in presence of God, my dream giver.
He planted these seeds in my heart.
My passion is for Him.

My dream, my heart, my goals are safe with Him, because I'm his child and just like those artistic works of art from my girl, when He looks at what I am doing, He sees a child doing their best.

Perhaps not perfect-I rarely color in the lines-but done with a heart wanting only to please Him.

What about you?  Do you have a God sized dream he's placed in your heart but are to scared to step out and follow Him?

I can promise us both this, if following Him is truly our dream then He WILL LOVE IT!



A Confident Diane! said...

OHHH - I LOVE this! This is so great and I'm sharing with my daughter. May that precious Princess Belle keep that level of confidence in everything she does - every time as well as her precious mother. Wonderful post this morning/wonderful reminder!

Angie said...

Thank you! Hope your daughter is blessed!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I think the key is as you say to keep the passion with Him and not make the dream the passion. Thanks for the reminder!

Angie said...

Absolutely !

It is the only way to pursue God given dreams, otherwise, even if we succeed in the worlds eyes, we've still failed.

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