Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Order Up

I took this picture of two of my monkeys a few days ago

The princess had begun trying on accessories and began posing, asking me to take her picture.

As soon as my camera appeared, our middle child made an appearance.

Both kids acting out classic birth order roles.
 (BTW, if you've never read Dr. Kevin Leman's book on birth order-you totally should!)

I've been mulling this picture and that moment in my head.  Really it could have been written in a text book it was so classic.

But, as I was thinking about that incident with my kiddos, it got me thinking about my life and the world and my 'role' in it.

I think one of most amazing things about what God does when He chooses to use people is
more often than not, he plucks them out of their comfort zone-or their 'role' - and uses them in ways they could have never dreamed imaginable.
I've heard that kind of testimony told over and over again.

I live that kind of testimony every day.

But, walking away from your 'role' can be scary and intimidating.

I'm pretty sure that is why God does pulls us out of those comfort zones, so any success

can all be pointed back to him, because we KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt we couldn't do (insert whatever it is He's called you to do here) it without Him.

Maybe you feel God calling you to something that you think you could NEVER do-can I encourage you to
step out in faith

Leave your comfortable, typical role behind and follow Him?

Scary.  YES
People won't understand.  YES
Intimidating.       YES
Overwhelming.  YES

Which is the coolest part-you get to have a front row seat and watch God do what only he can!
It can be amazing.

So whether you're at home folding clothes today and changing diapers, to tackling the corporate world, to a missionary in the Congo, let's trust God enough today to let Him pull us out of our 'roles' and use us as only He can.

Trust Him. Follow Him. 
You'll never be sorry you did!



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