Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Words jumbled up in my head.
Overflowing thoughts trying to get out.

How do I get them out and say what needs to be said.
Some days they flow so easy
Others they seem to get stuck.

I've heard it often said you equip the called not call the equipped.
Oh how I am proof of that.

There are days when this crazy mixed up mind of mine feels sure
that you didn't mean me
Surely, you meant her over there.
You know, the one who seems to have it all together?

Then I hear you whispering,
" I called you by name
Do you remember?
Do you believe?

Make a choice
Ignore me or let's go
Just remember, I lead and you follow."

Following, following, how I wish I could see what lies in store around the corner up ahead.
A crazy curve? A bump? An open road?
But where would be the faith in that be?
What need to believe in the One Who Calls Me Child,
If He handed out maps and clear destinations?

I'll hang on and keep believing that the words will come when He wills and wants them.
And this silly, mixed up Girl is exactly what He intended.


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