Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, the great state of Kansas got snow again yesterday. Snow with a lovely layer of sleet and ice underneath. And frankly, I am so over it.
Ready for some glorious spring days with the trees and flowers blooming and birds singing.
It will come, it does every year, but oh how the waiting become difficult the longer the cold lasts.
Some winters are mild and fly by quickly, but some are hard and last much longer than we'd like.
Life is like that isn't it?
Sometimes we can be in the middle of some difficult stuff, but soon it's over and thing get better quickly.
Other times the 'winters' of our lives, those cold and difficult times, seem to last much longer than we ever thought and much harder than we could have imagined.

If you find yourself in that place right now, know that the maker of the seasons is right there with you and in His time, the ground will thaw, the sun will shine and the flowers will bloom!

Sometimes in the middle of the yuck of my life I like to take a little cue from my good friend Mara Von Trapp and think of my favorite things.
(BTW, there are much more spiritual things you can and should do in times of trouble, but it's Friday and I wanted to have some fun.)
So, I thought I'd list 3 of my favorite things and then ask you to do the same.
Just leave your list of 3 fav's in the comment section. They can be any 3 things you want. Books, tv shows/movies, flowers, songs. Whatever.

Here are mine-
acrylic nails with French tips. They looks so clean and pretty-LOVE them!

Hot, buttery popcorn-my favorite snack-mmmm!

The Penguins of Madagascar -kids or no kids, this show is funny. I dare to watch and not laugh!

Ok, on this cold and snowy day those are 3 of my favorite things-what are yours?
Don't be shy, leave a comment so we can all share in the fun!


Sarah said...

1. Pedicures, complete with a sugar scrub. I love pretty toes!
2. Monkey recently has taken to crawling up to sit beside me on the couch and stretching his little hand up to put it around my neck. He'll pull my head down until it's on top of his, and then he'll pat my hand with his other hand. Sweetest thing on the planet.
3. My hubs coming home in the middle of the day to have lunch with his wife.

Angie said...

Oh, How I do love a good pedi!!
That warm lotion and towel at the end-a little glimpse of heaven!

Little Sweet Monkey -precious !

And who doesn't love a pop in visit from the Hubs :)
Hope your day is going better!

Sarah said...

Hubs got me 4 mani/pedi combos up at the nail place by our house for Valentine's Day. We should go together!!! Day is better today... hope yours is too.

Angie said...

OH! I would LOVE that!! Of course, after your story yesterday I don't know if I'm up for the show ;)
Today is better!

Anonymous said...

Yes feet need to be pretty. I give myself a pedicure at least once a week. Jose gives me a foot rub. It's all about me. ;) Noma LaCheese a/k/a Norma Louise

Angie said...

pretty toes just make a girl feel good!

Miss Hillbilly said...

I went to sleep last night pondering what I would write. I've never had a pedicure so I can't join in on your alls love of that. And I didn't want to say the norm 'spending time with my hubs and kids'.

What I did decide...what I really love...

1) An early morning walk in the woods with just me and God and His creation (wow! this hasn't happened in a long time!)

2) A girls day out with my daughter (I know this counts as time with family but this is something that I just love doing!)

3) A good book and time to just curl up and do nothing but read. (I may love it...but it doesn't happen too often of course)

Angie said...

I can't get enough of a good book-it's like spending time with a friend-it's why I always have a hard time choosing when someone asks me what my favorite one is.
And there isn't much that beats a girls day!

Anonymous said...

Norma’s affordable Pedi-cure.
Wal-Mart toenail Clippers, very mild grade sandpaper, nail file/buffer combo, Epsom salt and a rubber-maid dishpan.
Soak feet in warm absoms salt water.
Then I lean over the spare tire and clip my nails – up for a deep breath – next foot.
Repeat using the very mild sandpaper on the calluses, file/ buff toe nails – up for anther deep breath – rinse off the toenail skin dust.
Must splurge on self with OPI nail color and top coat.
Bat your eyes at the “Hubs” - have towel and warm pepper mint lotion ready – smile and say please – my feet need your attention. Tell the “Hubs” not to rub his eyes after applying the lotion to your feet.
Thank the “Hubs” and give him a kiss.
Ladies – we will not be de-feeted with ugly toes.

Angie said...

Oh how you make me laugh, Norma!!

One must always bat the eyelashes :)
And great tip on not touching the eyes. . .that would really put a damper on the whole foot rub thing!

Miss Hillbilly said...

LOL--I guess I can have a pedicure after all! I sure don't want ugly toes!!

Angie said...

You'll have to report back and tell us how it goes!
Pretty toes are a must for spring/summer :)

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