Tuesday, February 15, 2011

19 and Counting

Today The Hubs and I are celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss!

Ok, we aren't celebrating today. Today we're working and tonight taking our oldest to a big rally at church for an event he's part of this weekend.
If someone would have told me 19 years ago that is how we'd spend our day, I would have told them they were crazy. I was young and stupid when we got married!
But we are celebrating this weekend with a little getaway that we are SUPER excited about!

Anyone who's been married, let's say for more than a week, is lying if they tell you marriage is easy or perfect. Two selfish sinners coming together is not a recipe for easy. However, it can be great if you put Jesus right in the middle.
There have been times in our married life that we've been much better about doing that then others.
But, by God's grace alone we've weathered storms, been on the mountain top, walked the valley of the shadow of death, been in the desert, and times of peace. Each season is a blessing-maybe hard to see it at the time, but looking at the over all arch of our lives, seeing God's hand each step of the way and His sweet grace covering all our mistakes is a true blessing.

On this day of celebrating the man I love, I thought I'd give him a little shout out here on the blog. Thanks for indulging me.

And you know I love a good list!

So, for The Hubs, Nineteen things I love about you~

1) I love that you love Jesus first- then us.

2) I love that in nineteen years of marriage I've never once had to remind you about a birthday, holiday or anniversary. No matter how crazy our lives where at the moment, you've always remembered and made is special.

3) I love that in 19 years you've never ONCE said one negative thing about the way I look.
Crazy hair cuts and colors. . pounds that have come and gone and come again. . you've always just told me how pretty I was. That means allot to a girl!

4) I love that you love my folks and think of them as your own.

5) I love that you love my extended family . . .and you don't just love them, you enjoy spending time with them.

6) I love that you always work hard for us.

7) I love the fact that you can enjoy a good musical with me!

8) I love that when something questionable comes on I don't have to ask you to turn the channel, you're already doing it.

9) I love that 'my friends' are your friends. That you like us to spend time together and you enjoy them too and pray for them and care about what's happening in their lives.

10) I love that I never had to tell you that you were supposed to change diapers, feed babies, get up in the night with them. . you knew that is what a good daddy does.

11) I love that when it was touch and go with me after I had Jude, I never worried about leaving, knowing if the worst happened, the boys would be taken care of. I knew you would do a great job!

12) I love that you love having a daughter as much as sons. You've never had the 'my boy' mentality.

13) I love that you know I'm independent and you don't try and change that.

14) I love that when it comes to furniture, paint colors and accessories for the home, you don't need antlers and camo or race cars to enjoy the space.

15) I love that you've never loved sports more than us. I've never been a football widow (or any other sport). Thanks for putting us first!

16)I love that even though it would've been more practical, you knew I couldn't handle a mini van and you let me pick out the Expedition!

17) I love that you indulge my oddness and never put up a fuss when I want us all to 'match'. Really that aren't many men who would do that!

18) I love that you are my biggest cheerleader-that you think I can do anything I set my mind too!

19) I love that you know and understand my love of certain musicians -that you've taken the time to appreciate them too!

Thank you for nineteen years, three beautiful children and a lifetime of memories.
That even when things weren't easy, with God's help and grace, we made it through.
I'm so thankful to be walking this road with you. . .I can't wait to see what the next 19 years bring, and I wouldn't want to do them with any one else but you!

All my love!


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Congratulations! I am so glad that you have had 19 wonderful years together!

Angie said...

It sounds so weird to say out loud-I said we blinked and now we're old. Next year, I'll have been married half of my life!

Jenni said...

Thanks, Lord, for blessing Angie with such a wonderful man after your heart. You have blessed Jerry too with such a beautiful woman of God. Thanks for you, Lord, for their forever friendship and thanks for blessing me through this couple! Love to you guys always!

Angie said...

Thank you, Precious Friend! We you love you too!

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