Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sitting on the mountain all by myself. .

My darling little princess got her feelings hurt before dinner tonight.
Well, she said her feelings were-and who am I to say they weren't-but really, it seems to this momma that she was just M A D.

At one point she stomped out of the kitchen and proclaimed "I AM GOING TO SIT ON MY MOUNTAIN ALL BY MYSELF!!!"

Sometimes, it's so hard not to laugh inappropriately at my little people.

Little Miss came back about 5 minutes later, telling me it was lonely on her mountain (a stack of blankets in the family room) and could she PLEASE be with me.
So, we hugged, all was forgiven and we moved on.

But, try as I might, I can't help but get that huffy proclamation out of my head-I'm going to sit on my mountain all by myself!
I've got some friends who've done that, gotten their feelings hurt and huffed off to their own little mountain.
Just written off a community of people, because their feelings are hurt-or they are M A D and just walked away.
Lest I sound high and mighty, I've certainly wanted to or tried to do that too.

In lots of ways it sounds good doesn't it?
Sitting up on our own mountain, able to make our own rules, no annoying people to deal with or be bothered by.
But, Jesus calls us to community. We aren't allowed to just stomp off and walk away-as much as it might feel good to do so at the time.
And, let's face it. It can be a cold and lonely place on top of our mountains.

So, down in the valley is where I'll choose to live. It's crowded and complicated at times. And the seeming peace from the mountain top may call to me (although, I've found over the years, that I can and do annoy myself!) but life is meant to be shared.
Thanks for taking a little time out of your life to share it with me!


carl kincaid said...

i just stay in the valley and yell. . . hahahaha. thx for the post, great blog. i always enjoy your writing.

Angie said...

You're crowding me. . . :)

Barbara said...

So true! Love hearing (reading) your words. You always bless me!

Angie said...

Oh Thanks-you bless right back!!!

jme71 said...

Perfect! That was just perfect! Well said!

Angie said...

Thanks Jamie-you're an encourager!
I hope you keep up your blogging!

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