Friday, September 10, 2010

A Chosen Daddy's Girl

**This was written almost two years ago for my Daddy's birthday. Seemed appropriate to share it again this Father's Day weekend.

Today is my Daddy's 60th birthday.

I've been called a Daddy's girl many times in my life, and that is a compliment to me.

I get told I look like him and I know we act alike sometimes.

Which tickles me, because you see, my Daddy chose me. He didn't have to love me, he just did.

After a tragic accident my Momma was left a YOUNG single mom.

My parents worked at the same place, but didn't 'officially' know each other and some mutual friends set them up on a blind date.

Mom brought me. If this guy didn't like me what was the point??

We all fell in love with each other and the rest is history. I wasn't quite 2 and don't remember a day without my daddy. And to this day, would dare someone to say to his face that I wasn't his daughter!

He's the strong silent type, but when he speaks you should listen, because there is more than likely some great advise or insight in what he says.
He's humble. He has a Purple Heart from his tour in Vietnam. I was in awe of that thing, but he blew it off like it was no big deal. Just doing the job that was asked of him and his generation.

My Daddy's is a Melancholy who has a Sanguine for a daughter and I can assure you that provided MUCH drama during the teen years. MUCH. Drama.
As I look back, I realize how much he had to stretch himself for me. But, he never said no the the house full of friends, slumber parties or giant birthday parties.
He just did them because he knew it's what I would like, even though it often took him way beyond his comfort zone.
Because that's what Daddy's do for the children.

I've watched him with my children and the love he has for the them is evident to all. And I'll never forget the day my first born was born and Daddy came in the room and we placed him in his arms and announced that we had named him after Daddy.
I can count on one hand how many times I've seen my Daddy cry. That was one of those days. Such joy and love!

But, I think of all the things my Daddy has shown me, is what it's like to be a Daughter of the King.

Because, He chose me too. I knew from an early age what it meant to be chosen by someone who loves you and how you can never be separated. Such a clear picture my Daddy gave me of the love of God toward His children.

Thank You Daddy for loving me, sacrificing for me, loving my children beyond measure. But, more than that-for showing me the love of Jesus.
You are an amazing man and your family loves you so much.
Happy Happy Birthday!


Carl Kincaid said...

as a Calvinist i am happy to affirm this blog. . . heh heh heh. Sweet story, thanks for sharing.

Angie Gibbs said...

I didn't know this Ang! What an amazing testimony of love! Thank you for sharing. And Happy Birthday to your Daddy!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Angie was the ANGEL that we have been blessed with. My MOM, Angie's grandma Harris, was crazy about Angie. She was a bright spot in our lives. Without a shadow of doubt, Angie helped in my healing from the loss of my Dad when he went home at my age of 17. We could not wait for Angie to come over.

Britany Boyer said...

Ang, this was great you could totally use this as a topic at one of your speaking engagements!

Of course your Daddy chose are beautiful inside and out!!

Anonymous said...

Angie wore pj's when she was little that said "Daddy's Girl". Aunt Norma

Angie said...

Thanks All!

And Aunt Norma, I TOTALLY remember those pj's -they were my favorites!

Diane said...

HEY! You're suppose to give me warning!! We had a deal!!!! Oh now I'm a sobbin' mess - soaking wet! Oh sweet stuff - this is so my own mothers' story. When others would tell my mother she looked just like her dad, she simply replied, yes, yes we do! He adored her and she never thought of him as "step" anything. Wonderful blog today, my friend. You are richly blessed indeed....Happy Birthday to your father!

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