Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dora, Dora the --Theologian???

With a three year old little girl in the house, you can imagine we watch quite a bit of Dora.

(If you just unwilling started humming the theme song in your head, I am so sorry!)

Little Dora is always off on one adventure or another, keeping the preschool set entertained along the way. Today she was helping some people get away from a mean, greedy king.

At this point we might be wondering if I've completely lost my mind and why in the world I am explaining Dora the Explorer. Don't worry, I often have been accused of that very thing!

The past few days ( ok well it comes in waves or seasons of my life, but recently it's just been the past few days) I have been wondering if perhaps God didn't overlook a couple of things.
Like didn't he mean to make me blonder? Thinner? Smarter? and Independently Wealthy ? He certainly meant for my children little people Dr. Dobson would write books about and use them as examples of the PERFECT child? and for them never to struggle with school, friends or health! He really meant to do those things. . . .
After all, wouldn't my life be so much easier if He would grant me all those wishes, like a genie in a bottle? And, if He did all those things, of course-I mean OF COURSE I would give Him the praise and devote my life to paying it forward. Right? Please, be honest and tell me you've thought at least one of those things before!?!

So back to Dora. . . being the heroine that she is, was of course, saving everyone from the mean King who only wanted MORE MORE MORE, which of course lead him to being mean and cranky and sneaky. And while, my little girl was waiting with baited breath to see what would happen next, I was just struck with the thought-I am SO THAT GUY (yes I know it's a cartoon) this week!

Why must I insist life to be easy for my happiness? Haven't I learned by now, that I am never more on my knees and in a closer walk with Him when I am dependent on Him for everything? How many times must I be taught the same lessons over and over??

Then I get an email from Compassion International or get a letter from the little girl we sponsor and I am struck in the face with how wealthy I am, how no matter how sick my kids get I can be at several hospitals within moments and can receive quality care for them. I have a mind that can learn, a body that can exercise and hair that can be colored ;) And children who are loved by a heavenly father so deeply I can see His fingerprints on every part of each of their lives.

So, thank you Dora and your annoying theme song for the being the catalyst to bring be back to the reality of being loved and cared for by the King of Kings.
And Satan no swiping, Satan swiping, SATAN NO SWIPING- you cannot take my joy!


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