Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parenting FAIL and Grace

This weekend we had some friends over for a big Bonfire at Mimi and Poppies.
Always lots of fun and my kiddos look forward to it every year. How many nights do you get permission to stay out late and run around in the dark??

Well, we had great time, except for what will now and forever more be known as 'the incident'.
I won't got into details, but involved the brothers, rocks and hot chocolate.
It wasn't pretty. It was loud, mean (on both ends) and painful, for one more than the other.

I was embarrassed and mad. Never a heart warming, godly picture of parenthood.

So, once you figure out everyone is fine and no physical damage has been done, next come the lecture to end all lectures. And some major punishment is doled out.

But, as I had time to calm down and reflect (why oh WHY must I do these things after the fact??) I am so thankful that the Lord has so much more patience for me! I can't tell you how many times I've embarrassed the Lord and He remains ever the calm and loving parent.

Things at home are back to normal. I've apologized for the way I reacted, the boys have made amends.
But a lesson to me; that I've got so far to go, and that I am so thankful that he Lord doesn't parent me the way I deserve. Not that he doesn't discipline me and that I haven't had my share of 'time outs' and some spankings.
But, never out of anger never out of embarrassment, just love for my well being.

Hope that doesn't freak anybody out. Just me being honest. Sometimes this life journey isn't pretty but Praise His name-always full of Grace!


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