Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to My Kingdom

That's what she said. (There's a little Office humor for you)

But really, that is what my little girl said a couple of nights ago as she placed a crown she'd made at church upon her head.

"Welcome to my kingdom"
We were on our way to the grocery store and it's a miracle I didn't crash the car from laughing so hard! She said it with such sincerity too.
"Welcome to MY kingdom"
She's a delight that little person (as are the big and medium ones) and typically not the type of girl you'd say ruled the kingdom.
Oh, don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about. You know the little girl who has to have everything and everyone just so, or she can't function. She grows up to become that woman who still thinks all must bow down in her kingdom.

I think, I was a little bit that girl, and I know I was allot that woman.

Thankfully, parenthood has changed most of that, but there are defiantly occasions when I like to pick my crown back up and demand things my way.

The other major thing that has changed that attitude, is remembering who created the kingdom and my place in it.
God, creator of the universe has allowed the wretched likes of my me to be a servant in His grand and glorious kingdom! (Can I get an Amen!)
What a blissful and glorious thought!

But, there are days when I act like I've forgotten that and try, once again to pick that crown up and put it back on.
And, I must be taught once again who is really in charge. Sometimes those lessons are easy, sometimes difficult--but always full of grace!

So, I will happily take my place in the kingdom, serving the One who created me and everything in it. . .
And, put this silly homemade crown down and someday see it replaced with one I can't even imagine!


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

We never know what our kids are going to say and sometimes they are so cute. Mine is 12 now, I still never know.

Jerry said...

Our oldest is 11-it's always an adventure! :)

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