Friday, October 30, 2009

The Very First Time. . .

Three children equals LOTS of conversations about the dreaded 'O' word. . .

We talk quite a bit in our house about obeying the first time. . .delayed obedience is not obedience. . .IF I HAVE TO ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME YOU'RE GETTING YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!! Not that I have ever resorted to yelling. *Please note the sarcasm *

It seems this is one of life's hardest lessons for those of us who might be, shall we say, slightly strong willed. I have NO IDEA where these children of mine get that particular trait.
Let's just say, probably not from their laid back Daddy.

Well, two of the little blessings were playing outside the other day on a crisp fall day-so gorgeous and rarer (is that a word) to come by with each passing day- that I gave them some extra time, but finally it was time for the Little's to come in for lunch then take their naps.
So, I called to them (secretly dreading what was about to come, KNOWING neither wanted to come inside) so I took a deep breath remembered that IN FACT I am the mom (seriously when did that happen??) and called them in from the stunning fall day.
Low and behold two little bodies came running! Praise the Lord and Glory!!

I began praising and praising them. " Great job coming the first time I called Guys, I am so proud of you! Treats after lunch because you obeyed the first time, even when it was hard!!"

Then my beautiful little daughter stopped 2 feet from the door. Just stopped. Looked at me and stopped. Two feet from the door.
No fit, no ugly attitudes, just stopped.
Big brother had run past us both by now and was inside waiting at the table.

I called her name again. ." Come on in, Honey. Remember we obey the first time Mommy says." Still just looking at me.
I took a few steps to her took her by the hand and lead her the rest of the way inside.

Now there are tears. . no not mine, but don't think that hasn't happened before!

Reassuring words. " Mommy always loves you but you aren't getting a treat after lunch like Brother. He obeyed the first time, you needed Mommy to help you obey."

Eventually, all was well and we had a peaceful afternoon. But, I couldn't help but thinking about my behavior when the Lord asks me to do something. How many times do I start strong but stop just inches from doing what He asked of me? How many times has He had to firmly take me by the hand and lead me to what He's asked of me?
How many rewards have I missed out on from not obeying the first time? Yes, I can still rest in the peace that I am loved and cared for by my Saviour, for that NEVER changes but how much better off would I be if I'd just do the thing the first time??

I'm so glad He never stops asking things of me and allows me the choice to obey the first time!


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