Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Everything There Is A Season

Fall is in full swing here in my part of the country!

Leaves are turning beautiful colors, pumpkins and scarecrows abound and hot chocolate is in order when you come in from out side. Winter is quickly nipping at Falls heels this year!

As I was driving into our weekly Bible study at church, I was thinking about the seasons.
But, I wasn't thinking about the weather patterns here in middle America, I was thinking about the seasons of life.

Let me start by saying, Thursday mornings are a bit, shall we say HECTIC around here.
Things are on a tight clock Bible study mornings. In fact, my boys know on Thursdays you DO NOT mess around when it's time to get ready for school!
Typically, the two boys go off to school for the day and baby girl and I head to class.
I like to be there an hour before it's time to begin so I can get any last minute things set up make any copies and pray a prayer of dedication and blessing over our room.

Today was not a typical day.

The boys are out of school and a certain someone who is supposed to be potty trained chose this morning to not be.
And then there was the decision . .. is my 11 year old, old enough to stay at home by himself for the 4 hours I would be gone?!?

So, as we were making the 20 minute drive in I asked my 6 year old to 'please, sit quietly this is when Mommy prays and gathers her thoughts to Jesus on the way to Bible study.' He looked at me like I was crazy, but complied for as much as a little wild 6 year old boy can.

But, I must say the thought went through my head. . .I bet Beth Moore doesn't have to deal with all this in her way to teach Bible study!

And then as I looked around at the red and orange trees, the thought struck me.
It's only for a season.

Just like that there will be no chattering in the back seat, no calls to look at the picture being drawn, no chocolate milk to pour, no boo boos to kiss, so perhaps I should just sit back and enjoy the splendor before me. For that is what these little creatures are God has so daringly entrusted me with for this season.

So, we turned our praise on, sang a little louder and laughed at the sights we saw along the way.

And, I'm not sure, but I think perhaps I was a little better Bible study teacher today.

Thank you, Lord for the seasons. Help to embrace each one of them and to know that they are only here for a short time.


Debbie-Sue said...

Angie, you are in the season of life when the "days might be long," and the years are short. When my kids were younger, life was more physically draining. Since my kids are older, the concerns and challenges are just different. I feel that the hour glass has been turned over and I am now watching the last few grains fall. I am trying to savor every minute (while balancing the help I need to give to my father as I settle an estate for my grandmother). My motto for life is to try "to make a memory everyday" because I realize that I don't have my dear children living for much longer at home. I am blessed beyond belief to have the opportunity to be with them and to grow with them daily. Realizing that is so key! Your words of wisdom are fantastic. Your insight is priceless. I would dare say that you are quite mentally healthy and a blessing to so many! I think you need to find a publisher for your sweet devotions.

Tami Schuler said...

Angie--I, too, often have to remind myself that this is simply a season in my life. Your words are always such a blessing to me and I so enjoy reading your blog. Wish I could see you more because you are definitely an inspiration to me and I am sure so many other women.

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