Monday, October 5, 2009

That's What I Like About You

In honor of my firstborns birthday, eleven things that make him a great kid.

C, thanks for letting me be your mom and for putting up with being our 'practice kid'!

1) You love Jesus and aren't afraid to show it!

2) You love music and want to use to bring worship and honor to the Lord!

3) You have the best smile, it lights up your whole face!

4) You devourer books. I love the way you look at a new book like a treasure and can't hardly put it down!

5) You don't ever notice the color of people's skin! I've never once heard you refer to someone by the color of their skin!

6) You always try and include everyone and you hate to see someone feel left out or excluded!

7) You are so encouraging to Me about my Bible study & writing and the blog!

8) You love to dress up and go to new places!

9) You look at a vacation as an adventure and you enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

10) You like to smell good!

11) You love your Grandparents and spending time with them!

I could name lots more but those are 11 great reasons, I'm glad you are YOU!!

God blessed me beyond measure with my children. Being C's mom has been one roller coaster adventure after another. . . and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Thank you, Lord for making me have to hold on to You on this wild and crazy ride!


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