Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Day it Rained and the Sun Shined

Because of our middle child's health battles over  the past few weeks we had to cancel our vacation plans.

Sadness abounded, but we have tried to make the best of a yucky situation and explore our city, enjoy each others company and just be thankful he's not in the hospital.

Yesterday we did one of the things the kids (and us too) typically enjoy which is stop at our favorite convenience  store, grab a drink and snack then hit the road. We take turns on who get to pick whether we go left or right.  Each drive turns out differently and you just never know where you'll end up.
We all love a road trip, so typically these often make the highlight reel of our summers.

I don't know if it's because we've spent ALOT of time trapped together dealing with J's illness or not enough sleep or what, but about an hour in yesterday I had just about all I could take of one of my sweet children.

You know that moment when there's a dull throbbing behind your eyes, a crick in your neck because of the tension you're storing there and you wish you could stretch your arm long enough to the back row to pop 'em in the leg.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about because  your kids are always sweetness and light. . .well, then. . please no judgements from you.)

We did make it home with no bodily harm done and no one being left on the side of the road. (It's the small things ya'll) We had some lunch, grabbed our swim suits and headed to the pool.
About the time we pulled into the parking lot a summer thunder rolled across the Kansas sky.
It wasn't raining, but because of the thunder the pool closed.


Let me say, at that exact moment the thought of getting back into the car with the kids was not something I wanted to even consider.

So since there was a park near by we wondered over to check it out. While 2 of my children went to play the one that had been driving me nuts stayed at the table with The Hubs and me.

I decided that if I wanted his attitude to change, perhaps mine needed to as well.

So I began to ask him questions. . ."If you could close your eyes and open them and be anywhere in the world where would you pick?. . .If could have a super power what would you choose?. . .Favorite thing in the whole world to do?. . ."

It was insightful and fun, and tore down some serious tension that had been building between the two of us.  He began to ask us questions to and eventually brother and sister joined us as well.

By this time lightening was cracking the sky, so we ran for the car.

The thought of heading home was just not appealing, so we drove around for a bit, and like Kansas is prone to do, in about 45 minutes the clouds parted and the sun  shone.
We were just passing  a city pool we'd never been to, so we pulled in and were all so excited to try it out.

In the end we had a great 2 hour swim and we all enjoyed each others company.

If I've learned anything in parenthood over the past almost 15 years, it's that some days it rains and some days the sun shines.
But either way, it's how I'm handling both the sunshine and rain that matters.

Sweet Momma, if it's raining on you today, give yourself permission to take a time out and get yourself together.
Do not believe the myth that if it's 'raining' on you there is something wrong with you or your kiddo.
The sunshine comes, and if it's anything like Kansas, it'll blow in when you least expect it too.

Praying for Sunshiny Days for all of us today,


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