Friday, July 5, 2013

Holy Moments

A  favorite author that holds  a special place in my heart because of how her books have touched my life and heart since high school when I began reading them and because of how she lives her faith out so openly and seemingly without fear, gave some advise the other day to a question I had posted on Facebook regarding writing.

While she gave me great advice about writing, she also told me enjoy the 'holy moments' with my family.

I've been thinking on that so much this week for a couple of reasons. . .

because of who the advise was from

 and because it's felt a wee less than holy around here.

Truck that needs repairs, kid that is so sick, cleaning out on overstuffed neglected basement. . .there may be nothing that feels less 'holy' than unpacking a box covered in spiderwebs. . .

Ordinary sight had overtaken holy insight.

Truck repair being paid for by nothing short of miraculous means, clutter being driven out of the dark places and loving a sick child that doesn't often hold still long enough for me to snuggle.


Sometimes, I think it's so easy for the seemingly mundane things of life to crowd out the miraculous -the Holy-the little things that make up the grand picture, that in that crowd we lose sight of our goal.

My life is lived so that I can point others to Jesus.

(I can use an awe inspiring story of how our truck is being repaired to do this)

(I can do this by giving away much of what we have in excess that just taking up space in our house)

It's lived to show my kids how much the God of the universe cares for them. Every hurt, every tear, every sickness.

(Oh how comforting a sick boy can bring that home)

Laughter. Team work. Togetherness.


I pray that when the ordinary, the difficult, the mundane begins to crowd out the Holy. . .
my focus is shifted back to these treasures I've been given.

Not a book deal, not a full calendar of speaking opportunities.

An ordinary life complete with husband, 3 kids and a beagle, smack dab in the middle of the USA,

A Holy High Calling to love.

If you are changing a diaper today or changing a load of laundry, nursing a sick loved one or just mowing the yard or laughing with a friend, I pray you and I will see the Holiness in each of these moments.



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