Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Short Cuts

We went hiking a few times this past week.

( Please don't get the wrong idea. . .by hike I mean a couple of miles on some trails, not forging our way through rugged terrain for mile upon mile. We are not that family, but for us it was an adventure.)

Sunday we packed up to head home, and can I be totally honest? We were all just a bit grumpy.

Well I say all, but really just four us, the Princess was still going strong even though she was just as tired as the rest of us was  and her typically sweet self.

We had said we were going to hike that day but with the four of us being surly . . .well, let's just say we were trying to get out of it and just get the heck home.

But, being reminded that we PROMISED, we hit the trail.

At one point we came upon a short cut that was looking mighty fine to most in our group.

That's when the Princess piped up and said (and trust me when I say, I have no idea where she got this)


Well, you can't really argue with that can you?

Here's the thing though. . .

I've been looking for some short cuts lately and in all sorts of areas.

Want to be blessed and be a blessing, don't always want to do the hard work required. Or at least not all of it.

And this  Mama Warrior has felt  pretty tired and worn down lately and in the middle of that tiredness

a short cut can start looking mighty fine.

Mighty fine.

And make no mistake our Little Warrior could be found looking like this 30 minutes before we headed out.
Doesn't exactly look like she's ready to conquer the trail, does she?

But, as soon as it was time to hit that trial, if we heard it once we  heard it twenty times that day. .


Her spirit was contagious and by the end trail the four of us less enthusiastic participants  had come around, we were all actually ENJOYING each other not just tolerating.

And if we'd taken the short cut? Well, we would've missed  coming eye to eye to with a deer.
It was an almost sacred moment in the stillness of those woods, a memory will be able to talk about for years to come.

It has gotten me to thinking about how much I miss always trying to take the short cuts in life.

No matter how tired I am, how much I rather prefer to lounge in the shade and take it easy, I'm going to keep reminding myself . . .


Want to join me taking the long way around? It is so much easier doing it together!

From one Warrior to another,


Diane said...

I love that girl of yours!!!! Warrior Princess it!

Angie said...

She's pretty nifty! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this Angie and for sharing your heart. I really needed to hear this today.

Angie said...

I appreciate you commenting and for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email on Face Book yesterday and then you did not respond and I see now that you blocked me.
I think that is very petty.
As Christian Moms we need to take clear stands for our convictions about what is happening to our children in this world.
Letting your daughter call herself a warrior instead of a lady is shameful. Little Girls should act like little girls NOT little boys.
This is how todays society has gotten so far from the things of the Lord and why we are no longer a Christian nation.
Shame on you. You know better!
I will pray for you and for your daughter.

Andrea said...

Deborah, in the Bible, was a mighty warrior ( (Judges 4:12-16, 5: 19-23). I think we are all supposed to be warriors for Christ and defeat the enemy. Being a warrior doesn't mean you can't be a lady too.

Also, she is a child. Children have vivid imaginations. Mine was pretending to be Superman yesterday, though I doubt he will grow up to be a super hero. Geez.

Angie said...

Andrea, that super hero comment made me giggle!


Sarah said...

As Christian moms, we DO need to stand for our convictions, which is why my name will be posted on my comment. Here is the definition for the word warrior: warrior
— noun
a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.
a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.

Please note that neither definition stressed gender specific roles. In today's world especially, our girls should be raised up to be courageous. Fierce in their faith, praying without ceasing, and armed with the sword of the spirit, the breastplate of righteousness. If they are to be true Proverbs 31 women, they will need to be strong and fearless. That isn't for weaklings. There are gentle and quiet warriors for the faith, non-judgmental, loving, feminine soldiers for Christ. Great post, Angie.

Angie said...

Thanks Sarah! You know I love a good word definition!

Dana Gonnerman said...

Great blog, Angie! Your little one is going to have a great impact for our Lord in the world!

Angie said...

Thanks Dana! That's our prayer for all three kiddos!

brokenman said...

So, if a little girl isn't allowed to be a warrior, how about a dude? like me?

Anonymous, you're out of line. Not for your views on gender -- I really don't care. It's not my business, and even if it were, it's not my business to parent you. You've already got parents and I've already got kids.

No, you're out of line for your tone. Calling Angie petty seems a bit like projecting. She's putting herself out there, but that doesn't mean she owes you a response, an email, access to her Facebook, or anything else. How she spends her time is dictated by HER values, not yours, and getting out of joing, calling her petty, and trying to shame her betrays a busybody mentality that is not compatible with how I understand God wants his kids to interact.

If you want to have a principled discussion, even argue -- I leave and breathe that stuff. But quit name-calling. It's not cool. Unless you're Angie's mom, no one gave you the right to "shame on you" to anyone. A REAL reason we're not a Christian nation anymore (if we ever were), is that no one in their right mind would sign up with a group who's public face is always curled up in a judgmental frown.

--Christian Henderson

Angie said...

Thanks Christian-I appreciate your friendship so much!

I am typically up for a discussion and have lots of people on my FB I don't agree with from politics to theology to things in between.
This criticism seems directly aimed at my child, who is completely innocent in this, so that's why the removal.
Don't mess with Mama Bear.

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