Friday, May 17, 2013

The Easy Way Out

  Recently on my Facebook page someone was lamenting on how she should have taken the 'easy way

 out' and become a stay at home mom instead of a the single working girl that she is. She went on to

talk about that she just couldn't have done it because she's to independent.


So, instead of ranting and raving at her. . .although seriously I challenge anyone who THINKS it's easy

to ONE week. . .I thought maybe some momma out there might need some encouragement.

You know that mom that's been up all night with a sick baby; worried, exhausted, dark circles frame

her eyes and she's forgotten to eat her last two meals, but is on her third Diet Coke just so she can


Or that Mom who is making her grocery list trying to come up with healthy, satisfying meals but

needing to stretch that grocery dollar as far as she can.  She can't remember the last time she

had a shopping trip just for her, got her nails done and ate at a restaurant with cloth napkins and

not a cartoon character in sight.

How about that mom who cleaning a bathroom right now and then going to fold twenty pounds of

laundry. . . she'd really like to talk to another grown up but her toddler is hanging on her leg and by

his nap time she'll be to exhausted to form grown up words.

The mom that was up all night making 'helping' with a project that is due tomorrow.

The mom who can't remember what it's like going to the bathroom alone, finishing a meal at the

same time as everyone else because she's been making sure everyone else's needs are met.

Yes, sometimes she may sit down in the afternoon at close her eyes for 15 minutes or perhaps

watch some silly reality TV show, but that's because her work day doesn't end after 8 hours and a lunch


So, for you Sweet Stay At Home Mom who's wondering if she'll get a shower today, Thank You.

Thank You for loving when it's hard and inconvenient, for shaping the next generation, for making the tough choice to do without so your family can have all of you.

The world might not appreciate all you do and may never understand that you, in fact, took the harder

road instead of the 'easy way out', but I'm sending you hugs and prayers today.

Know that what you do matters, even when it feels like it doesn't and that no one knows just how hard

you really work-your Heavenly Father sees and He is so proud of you!

My prayer for you today, nap time for the kiddos, everyone likes their dinner and a long hot shower for you and a husband who acknowledges just how much easier you've made his life. . .and one bathroom break ALL by yourself.



Anonymouse said...

Great post. Read it on the other side of the door from a tantrum-ing two-year old. :) While being a sahm is hard sometimes, I do feel blessed to be doing exactly what I want to be doing...tantrums and all.

Anonymous said...

Made me cry... Thanks for your encouragement, Angie. Love your posts!!

Angie said...

Thanks Friends!

Anonymous said...

I have been both. While a SAHM is the world's most important and toughest jobs, imagine what you do all day waiting for you after you get home from a day of work. I wish I still had time to coupon - my grocery bills have gone up now that the boys have hit adolescence. There's no time to plan dinner ahead - working mom gets home about the time dinner should be served. After dinner, she still has to clean up, get in a load of laundry, help with homework, etc. Weekends become for household chores, not rejuvenating. I don't get nail appointments, massages, or any of those treats, either. I haven't even had a haircut in over a year. But what really hurts my heart is that I feel I don't really get any "good" time with my kids. At home or working, being a mom is tough. :-)

Angie said...

That post is coming tomorrow!

As I was writing this I was thinking about all those working Momma's out there (mine included!) that do an outstanding job and sacrifice so much!

This post was direct result of something written on my Facebook wall saying she 'should have taken the easy way out and been a stay at home mom'. . .sigh.

ALL Mom work hard!

Thanks for your sacrifice for your kiddos! Even though your sign in is 'anonymous' I'm pretty sure I know who you are and know I'm sending you a hug and your kids are FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

Being able to stay home with your kids is a blessing, but definitely NOT the easy way out! :-) Especially when the kids are little bitty, those are loooooonnnggg days! You go, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Working moms don't get to go on field trips.
While I THINK I'm glad I got to go on field trips (am I? Yeah, I was blessed with the opportunity)when they were little - I say going to work is the easy way out!! I'm more than a little relieved that season is in my past! :-)
The little cuties have so much fun that, by the time you all return to school, they are crying from the fun overdose. I used to make my children take a nap straightaway because I needed one!
When they are in the single-digits, everything is INCREDIBLY exhausting to Mom as well as the kids! It is like running in Jell-O when you haven't eaten or slept in two days.
Now that mine are old enough to be "people" I can actually talk to and enjoy their company, it just doesn't seem that I get any "play" time with them. I spend all our time together hurrying them into and out of the car, begging them to do their homework, and nagging them to do chores. Sigh. :-)

Angie said...

Old enough to be people. .. that made me laugh!

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