Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends

I received many lovely comments on my Facebook page about the post Going Dark.

They were all so sweet and thoughtful.

A few friends called (Yes, I'm fine-doing very well actually! Thank you so much for asking)

Really, this life wasn't meant to be lived out alone.

There is this inherent need in each of us for another person.

I'm so blessed by the great ones in my life!

You know, this blog began when I wrote something about my adventure in a grocery store.

The idea of it is that although I've seen God at work in some mighty and miraculous ways in my life, He also began showing me that He's at work even in the aisle of the grocery store.

(Cue theme music)

( I don't really have any, but wouldn't it have been cool if I did??)

So, with that premise in mind, let me tell you a little something I observed yesterday on a quick trip to Wal Mart.

Girls, foundational undergarments are our friend.

No matter your size or age they are our friend.

Do you hear me? Even if it's a  quick trip to Wal Mart do not leave the house with out the support of your friends!

The older we get and the more we've been through the more support from our friends we need.

A lesson learned in life and made drastically clear at Wal Mart.


( you needed a laugh right?)

Grace and Peace and lots of support,


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